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If you are unable to attend a workshop/ webinar due to a schedule conflict, please contact the Faculty Technology Center (ftc@lsu.edu) to schedule a time to meet with you at your convenience.
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Using Clickers with TurningPoint 5
@ 01:30 PM
ITS Participants in this workshop will learn the basics of using clickers with TurningPoint 5 (from Turning Technologies) as a teaching tool in their classes. If you have questions about the workshop or need additional information, please contact the Faculty Technology Center(578-3375 option 1).
Online Teaching: Quick & Easy Formative Assessment Strategies That Foster Student Success (Webinar Viewing)
@ 12:00 PM
ITS This presentation will cover ten immediate and formative assessment techniques specifically designed for use in online classes. Learn quick and easy ways to observe your online students' thinking and learning throughout the semester. These strategies will help you provide the feedback that is crucial to the effectiveness of online instruction and student success.
GTA Webinar: That’s Outside my Discipline: Working with Students of Concern
@ 11:30 AM
ITS This presentation will help attendees to identify student behaviors of concern, appropriate boundaries for assisting, and resources for referral. Utilizing the C.A.R.E. model, participants will be informed of how to communicate, assess, refer, and educate to better serve students in crisis, distress, and of concern. If you have questions, please contact the Faculty Technology Center by phone (225-578-3375, Option 1) or by email (ftc@lsu.edu). Registration closes at 10:00 AM, March 5, 2015.
Moodle 2 Gradebook
@ 10:00 AM
ITS The LSU Moodle gradebook is customized for LSU users. There are many features that allow instructors to track students’ performance efficiently. In this workshop, participants will learn how to setup a new gradebook.
What's New at Creative Commons (Webinar Viewing & Discussion)
@ 01:00 PM
ITS You may be familiar with Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools, but do you know that they are involved with numerous initiatives that are positively impacting higher education and Open Education Resource Adoption? Join us in viewing an interactive webcast on what is happening at Creative Commons relative to higher education and student success.
Moodle 2 Basics and Beyond
@ 01:30 PM
ITS This course will cover the basics of Moodle and more.
Mobile Learning: Staying Organized and Productive
@ 01:30 PM
ITS Mobile technologies are playing an increasingly important role in helping people stay organized and become more productive in their professional lives. In this workshop, you will gain knowledge of the importance of mobile learning, discover free and highly rated apps that will help you stay organized and productive and learn how to implement the apps discussed in your professional life.
Special Request Workshop/Training
@ 08:00 AM
@ 08:00 AM
@ 08:00 AM
ITS Reserved for Special Request Workshop/Training
Adobe Connect: Hosting a Meeting/Class
@ 10:00 AM
ITS Adobe Connect is a web conferencing software that allows users to host meetings, teach classes, and provide online training for users anywhere, anytime! Attend this workshop to learn more about hosting meetings through Adobe Connect. Workshop participants do not need prior experience with web conferencing.
Mobile Learning: Collaborating and Connecting with Students
@ 01:30 PM
ITS Mobile learning can transform your class into thriving interactive sessions. In this workshop, you will gain knowledge of the importance of mobile learning, discover free and highly rated apps that will enhance collaboration and connect with students to support higher order thinking and active learning, and learn how to implement the apps discussed in your classroom.
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