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AP & Travel Instructor Led Business Policies/Processes Training

Finance | 1 class
New employees as well as existing employees are invited to attend this training which covers policies as well as business processes in Workday.

Budget Instructor Led Workday Training

Finance | 1 class
New employees as well as existing employees with the Budget Analyst, HR Analyst, HR Originator or Cost Center Manager Security Roles are invited to attend the Budget Instructor Led Workday Training/Practice Lab. This course will focus on costing allocations as well as how to find your budget in Workday.

Business Managers' Meeting

Finance | 1 class
The Business Managers' Meeting is designed to provide Business Managers' as well as the LSU campus community with updates on current Finance and Administration topics. ***No Registration Required***

Climbing the Career Ladder Series - Building Your Brand: How to Cultivate a Professional Presence on Social Media

HR | 1 class
Session 6 of 7: This class will take you through all the steps you need to take to create a unique personal brand and how to project it across several forms of social media with a special emphasis on building or improving your LinkedIn profile.

Climbing the Career Ladder Series - Making High Quality Connections: Networking Tips for Professionals

HR | 2 classes
Session 7 of 7: In this workshop, you will learn practical networking tips and techniques for introverts, extroverts, and the socially awkward!

Financial Data Model (FDM) and Reporting Instructor Led Workday Training

Finance | 1 class
New Employees as well as existing employees are invited to attend the FDM and Reporting Instructor Led Workday Training. This training will cover the Financial Data Model (FDM), Financial Transaction Accuracy and Internal & External Reporting.

Grants.gov Workspace

Sponsored Programs | 1 class
This class is intended to assist faculty and staff with an understanding of Grants.gov and its new online application system Workspace for submitting federal grant applications. The class will provide instruction on how to search the Grants.gov system, create a Workspace application package, and complete the package/online forms. Common errors encountered by Grants.gov and eRA Commons will also be discussed.

LSU Website Help - Open Lab

IT Services | 1 class
Weekly "office hours" with Emily in the Himes Lab to go over any LSU WordPress or Omni web editing questions you might have. If you need Omni or Wordpress training, please contact Emily to schedule a seperate training session.

New Employee Orientation

HR | 5 classes
Registration is required by 4 p.m. on the Thursday prior to Orientation. HR Analysts/Managers: Employees who are in pre-hire status, and those that are unable to register for NEO using their own credentials will not be able to attend orientation on that day, as same day “sign-in's" will not be allowed going forward.


Sponsored Programs | 1 class
ASSIST is a web-based service used for the preparation and submission of National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant applications as an alternative to Grants.gov. This class will provide an overview of how to create an online application in ASSIST, navigate the online forms, enter and save the data, how to validate, and route for submission of the application.