Course NameMeeting DateGroupCourse Preview
GTA Webinar: Designing Multiple Choice Questions
@ 10:00 AM
FTC Need help developing multiple choice questions? This webinar will go over strategies that will help you write effective questions.
Creating and Administering Online Surveys Using Qualtrics
@ 10:30 AM
FTC Qualtrics is a web-based survey software tool that offers a wide array of question types, a well-designed survey development interface, and a powerful reporting engine. The Qualtrics Insight Platform is available for LSU faculty, staff, and students. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will be given an overview of Qualtrics, along with tips and best practices of survey creation and administration. Prior to the workshop please visit http://lsu.qualtrics.com and login with your LSU credentials.
Lunch & Learn Online: Social Media – Building Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
@ 10:30 AM
FTC A PLN is about making connections and building personal relationships with university professors and knowledge experts around the world. No matter where you are you can connect with your network to share expertise, discuss research and discover new teaching strategies. This webinar address how connecting, collaborating and communicating with others can have an impact on the way you teach and learn.
LSU Website Help - Open Lab
@ 03:00 PM
FTC Weekly "office hours" with M.E. and Becki in the Himes Lab to go over any LSU WordPress or Omni web editing questions you might have. Bring your questions and we'll resolve them!
How Can I align Technology with my Pedagogical Goals?
@ 12:00 PM
LSU Online In this presentation educators will learn how to conduct a self-assessment to identify their strengths and where they need to work on using technology to accomplish pedagogical goals. Different teaching methods will be introduced in which technology can help students experience content in a variety of ways—hearing, seeing, feeling, and practicing it.
Performance Analysis of Matlab Code
@ 09:00 AM
HPC Description here
Online Teaching Cohort Meeting- Connecting & Interacting with Students: Letting Your Personality Shine Online
@ 12:00 PM
FTC The online environment can present some unique challenges to promoting instructor presence. Fellow cohort members Dr. Crystal Johnson, Dr. Adam Hrincevich, and Dr. Baumgartner will provide engaging presentations and demonstrate strategies they use to establish their teacher presence and connect with their students online.
Lunch & Learn Online: Social Media – Expand Your Reach and Increase Student Engagement
@ 11:30 AM
FTC Have you ever thought about using Social Media as a teaching tool? Join us as we explore three social media platforms to keep your students engaged and informed both in and out of the classroom.
Using ‘Turnitin Feedback Studio’ to Improve Student Writing
@ 02:00 PM
FTC Turnitin Feedback Studio (the newest version of Turnitin) is a web-based solution that puts the student’s assignment at the center of the feedback process. It is not just a plagiarism detection tool. Learn how Turnitin Feedback Studio can manage student assignments, save instructors time, and support academic integrity while increasing feedback quality and student engagement. Grade anything and anywhere!
Interactive Video Technologies
@ 12:00 PM
LSU Online In the online modality, video has been mainly used as a didactic teacher-centered element for information dissemination. New Learning Technology Integrations (LTI) have taken video and made it interactive and more community and student-centered. The results have been more social constructivist learning affordances in the online modality. This session will survey some of the more promising LTI tools such as Torsch, VoiceThread, and Practice.