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Academic Reports in Workday

HR | 1 class
The Academic Policy division of HRM will give an overview of various reporting tools and demonstrate how Academic Partners can utilize academic reports to manage academic appointments for employees within their units. All employees with Academic Partner role in Workday are encouraged to attend.

Business Managers' Meeting

Finance | 4 classes
The Business Managers' Meeting is designed to provide Business Managers' as well as the LSU campus community with updates on current Finance and Administration topics. ***No Registration Required***

Care About Your Copyrights: Responsible Choices

Faculty Tech Center | 1 class
Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a copyright holder is the foundation for managing your copyright responsibly. Topics covered include copyright ownership principles, managing your author rights with publishers and the options presented by author addendums and open access.

Fundamentals of Copyright

Faculty Tech Center | 1 class
A basic understanding of copyright law has become essential for faculty, staff, and students who need to use copyrighted works in teaching and learning activities. We will take a deep dive into the essential fair use provision of the copyright act, which allows the use of copyrighted material without the need to obtain permission under certain conditions, without which, course content would suffer considerably.

Light a Learning Fire with TurningPoint - PART 1

Faculty Tech Center | 1 class
Do you want to light a fire for learning in your class? In this part 1 workshop you will discover how TurningPoint 8 - Student Response System can increase engagement and retention in your classroom. We will show you how to turn your current PowerPoints into interactive presentations and teach you the basics of the software. Prerequisite: This workshop is for new users and those who would like to receive the full TurningPoint 8 training.

Light a Learning Fire with TurningPoint - PART 2

Faculty Tech Center | 1 class
Are you ready to learn how to manage TurningPoint student data, analyze student results and upload student scores to Moodle? Join us as we light up learning with hands-on practice using the Manage features as well as the Turning Mobile app (in-depth set up). Part 1 of this workshop will be offered an hour before Part 2, if you are interested please go to training.lsu.edu to register. Prerequisite: This workshop is for new users and those who would like to receive the full TurningPoint training.

LSU Website Help - Open Lab

IT Services | 2 classes
Weekly "office hours" with Emily in the Himes Lab to go over any LSU WordPress or Omni web editing questions you might have. If you need Omni or Wordpress training, please contact Emily to schedule a seperate training session.

Moodle 3 - Basics and Beyond

Faculty Tech Center | 1 class
The goal of the Moodle 3 - Basics and Beyond workshop is to provide first-time Moodle users with a basic understanding of the structure and functionality of Moodle as well as the available activities and resources that instructors can utilize within their course. If you are looking for a more in-depth exploration of the activities or want to know how to integrate them into your specific course, please request an appointment with one of the staff members in the FTC by calling 578-3375 (option 2).

NCBI's "Welcoming Diversity" Workshop

NCBI | 20 classes
The workshop helps participants to: celebrate their similarities and differences, recognize the misinformation they have learned about various groups, including their own, learn about and reevaluate personal attitudes and behaviors that are based on the impact of prejudice and discrimination, claim pride in their group identities, understand the personal impact of discrimination through the telling of stories, and learn hands-on tools for dealing effectively with offensive remarks and behavior.

New Employee Orientation

HR | 4 classes
Registration is required by 4 p.m. on the Thursday prior to Orientation. HR Analysts/Managers: Employees who are in pre-hire status, and those that are unable to register for NEO using their own credentials will not be able to attend orientation on that day, as same day “sign-in's" will not be allowed going forward.