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Annual Enrollment Benefit Practice Labs

HR | 2 classes
The Office of Human Resource Management will be hosting Annual Enrollment Practice Labs during the month of October to allow participants to elect and make changes to their benefit options in the presence of subject matter experts to review all benefits and make selections/changes in Workday.

Budget Instructor Led Workday Training

Finance | 2 classes
New employees as well as existing employees with the Budget Analyst, HR Analyst, HR Originator or Cost Center Manager Security Roles are invited to attend the Budget Instructor Led Workday Training/Practice Lab. This course will focus on costing allocations as well as how to find your budget in Workday.

Business Managers' Meeting

Finance | 2 classes
The Business Managers' Meeting is designed to provide Business Managers' as well as the LSU campus community with updates on current Finance and Administration topics. ***No Registration Required***

Climbing the Career Ladder Series - Building Your Brand: How to Cultivate a Professional Presence on Social Media

HR | 1 class
Session 5 of 6: This class will take you through all the steps you need to take to create a unique personal brand and how to project it across several forms of social media with a special emphasis on building or improving your LinkedIn profile.

Climbing the Career Ladder Series - Building Your Expertise

HR | 1 class
Session 3 of 6: In this workshop you will identify opportunities to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, learn how your supervisor can invest in your development, and create an action plan for your development goals.

Climbing the Career Ladder Series - How to Stand Out from the Crowd: 10 Characteristics of a High Performer

HR | 1 class
Session 2 of 6: In this class, you will learn about the ten characteristics of a high performer and discover how to position your strengths to increase your visibility and prepare yourself for any professional opportunity that comes your way.

Climbing the Career Ladder Series - Making High Quality Connections: Networking Tips for Professionals

HR | 1 class
Session 6 of 6: In this workshop, you will learn practical networking tips and techniques for introverts, extroverts, and the socially awkward!

Climbing the Career Ladder Series - The Guide to Managing Up

HR | 1 class
Session 4 of 6: In this class, discover how to build strong working relationships with your supervisor(s) that help you gain influence you need to grow your career.

Creating a Quality Program Impact Report

Institutional Effectiveness | 4 classes
This session will walk participants through the PIR and take into consideration Suskie’s five dimensions of quality.

Creating Accessible Spreadsheets

Faculty Tech Center | 1 class
In this workshop, participants will gain a basic understanding of the structure and elements that are required to create an accessible spreadsheets, as well as how to run the Microsoft Accessibility Checker on the spreadsheet. This demonstration style class is taught using Microsoft office 2016 on Windows. The concepts apply to most current versions of Office on both Mac and Windows although he menus and toolbars may vary significantly.