Class Information
Name: Faculty Colloquium: 5 Transformative Teaching Practices: Tools for Making a Difference
Instructor: Center for Academic Success
Audience:Faculty, Staff, Student
01/07/2013 10:30 AM-12:00 PM Coates Hall  143 

Course Description

Most college teachers would like their courses to be an experience in which their students achieve some kind of significant learning that lasts.  But we feel frustrated and uncertain about how to get that to happen – for more students, more of the time.

In this workshop, we will:
• Examine the place of instructional design in the “big picture” of teaching,
• Take a close look at what each of us really wants our students to learn,
• Review the model of Integrated Course Design, that enables us to “design high quality learning into our courses,” and
• Conclude by looking at a few case studies, that address the question of whether this more intentional way of designing courses is worth the time it takes.