Class Information

  Note: This class is currently full. You may still register, but you will be put on a waiting list and then moved into the class if room becomes available. An email will be sent to notify you if you are moved off of the waiting list. Also, you can check your waitlist and registration status on the My Course History page.
Special Focus Program: Online Course Design & Development (12 weeks in duration)
Hala Esmail
Faculty, Graduate Teaching Assistant


Date: 04/27/2021  09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Zoom   Zoom

Date: 05/04/2021  09:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: Zoom   Zoom

Date: 05/18/2021  09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Zoom   Zoom

Course Description

*Note: It is recommended to register for an offering of the Special Focus Program which sets you up to have your course fully developed at least two months prior to its launch. 

Offered by the LSU Online and Continuing Education (OCE) team, the Special Focus Program is an intensive 12-week program designed to guide faculty through the development, or re-development of an online course that is fully aligned, meets accessibility standards, and ensures a consistent and positive learning experience for students. There are three workshops scheduled that are part of the Special Focus Program. The three dates/times for these workshops are listed above. The month after the program (weeks 13-16) is reserved for course reviews and revisions. For an overview of the program, check out the Special Focus Program Overview video. Participants of this program will have the opportunity to:

  • discuss and learn with peers
  • receive guidance from a Learning Experience Designer (LXD)
  • engage in hands-on course design and development experiences

Throughout the program, LXDs are expected to provide timely feedback and guidance. Participants are expected to engage in the workshop series and submit specific components of their course according to the stages of development outlined below. Participants who successfully complete the program (submit all assignments and create a course that meets all standards within the specified timeframe) will receive a certificate of completion.

Group Workshop Series (Weeks 1-4)

  • Week 1- Workshop 1: Developing Course Outline, Learning Objectives, and Assessment Plan 
    Review the course development process and alignment tools; create measurable course outcomes and module learning objectives; plan and align assessments
  • Week 2- Workshop 2: Curating Content and Learning Resources 
    Identify instructional materials with careful consideration of accessibility and copyright guidelines
  • Week 3- Assignment 1 Due
    Complete and submit course alignment map
  • Week 4- Workshop 3: Beginning Your Course Building: Creating Learning Objects & Assessments
    Explore the LSU Moodle template; select Moodle resources best suited for the creation of learning objects for your course; select Moodle activities best suited for the creation of learning activities and assessments. discuss best practices for organizing course content; provide an overview of the course review process

Independent Course Development (Weeks 5-12)

  • Week 7- Assignment 2 Due
    Complete Start Here! module, first, second, and last modules for LXD feedback
  • Week 12- Course due for review*
    Submit course for initial review; make modifications based on feedback

Course Review and Revisions (Weeks 13-16)

  • Week 13: Feedback provided from LXD
  • Week 15: Course due for secondary review (if applicable)
  • Week 16: Feedback provided from LXD for secondary review
  • Post-program: Make revisions to your course as needed and prepare for launch. 

Note: The Special Focus Program will run contingent on the enrollment of five or more registrants. If a quorum of five hasn’t been established by two weeks prior to the session, we will cancel the offering and notify registrants.

Registration for this program will close one week prior to the first workshop unless if capacity is reached prior to then. Registrants will be contacted prior to the first workshop with additional information about the program and links to the Zoom meetings for each of the workshops. If you are unable to attend all of the workshops or stay for the full duration of a workshop, please do not be discouraged from registering! We will have an accompanying Moodle course which will provide some of the information to help keep you on track. 

*Course reviews are conducted based on Quality Matters and OCE standards. If a course does not meet minimal course standards, a secondary review is recommended.