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Benefits & Retirement Orientation

HR | 22 classes
VIRTUAL ORIENTATION: FIRST Monday of the month, use this zoom link: https://lsu.zoom.us/j/96914556295. THIRD Monday of the month use this zoom link: https://lsu.zoom.us/j/94030645772

Department Solicitations

Finance | 1 class
This course will outline the process departments must follow when creating a department solicitation.

Faculty Search Committee Bias Training

Civil Rights & Title IX | 2 classes
The Search Committee training is to ensure a fair and equitable search through the lens of diversity.

Financial Education Series – Borrowing Basics

HR | 1 class
(Class 4 of 6) Understand the basics of borrowing money and how to develop a healthy borrowing relationship during this session. Through understanding basic lending terms and the different types of personal loans, you can increase your borrowing health.

Financial Education Series – I am Not a Robot: Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

HR | 1 class
(Class 5 of 6) Anyone can become a victim of identity theft. Having the capability to protect and/or defended against unauthorized use of your personal information is vital. This session will define what identity theft is, who is affected by it and ways to protect yourself from being a victim.

Financial Education Series – More Than a Number: Understanding Your Credit Score

HR | 1 class
(Class 3 of 6) This session will cover the basics of a credit score and a credit report. You will learn what is on a credit report, factors that determine a credit score, the purpose of a credit report, and tips that can help you improve your score.

Financial Education Series – To Own or Not to Own

HR | 1 class
(Class 6 of 6) Are you financially ready to purchase a home? Learn the pros and cons of renting vs. owning, how to determine your readiness to own, the types of mortgages available and much more!

Geaux Gold Program

HR | 1 class
The Office of Human Resource Management will be hosting its first Geaux Gold Program. This event was designed to help new hires discover the golden gems of LSU: learn about the history, culture and traditions of our university, the perks of being an LSU employee, ways to get involved on campus, and the ins-and-outs of what it means to work at our university.

HR Analyst Monthly Meeting

HR | 6 classes
The class will cover the basic responsibilities and expectations of the Workday’s HR Analyst role, the role’s relationship to the Office of HRM, and introduce resources available to ensure success in completing relevant business processes. After attending this class, you will have learned about the Personnel Management Dashboard, the new Hire business process, and the best practices in maintaining reports and ensuring accuracy when completing HCM actions. This course is recommended.

Performance Management Training

HR | 1 class
In this instructor-led, lecture-style training, participants will learn about the staff performance evaluation process including the importance of performance evaluations and a step-by-step demonstration of the Workday process. Managers are encouraged to attend, however the training is open to everyone. Two date options are available, please note that both classes are the same.