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Benefits & Retirement Orientation

HR | 25 classes
VIRTUAL ORIENTATION: Use this zoom link: https://lsu.zoom.us/j/96893481307

Design to Align: Achieving Course Alignment and Improving Student Outcomes

LSU Online | 1 class
Alignment is the intentional connection between course outcomes, learning objectives, assessments, activities, and materials. Course alignment builds a strong cohesive framework; helps ensure that both you and your students have accurate expectations about what will be taught in your course; and that students are practicing and demonstrating the skills you want them to learn.

Designing and Teaching Accessible Courses (Fully Online Course) June 12 -July 7, 2023

LSU Online | 1 class
This fully online asynchronous course will introduce you to the core concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and the laws and standards of accessibility in higher education. We will explore the common barriers that students with disabilities may face in accessing course content, and how to use resources within Moodle to overcome those accessibility issues. This course aims to equip faculty with the basic guidelines and tools for making course content accessible and universal.

Facilitating an Online Course: Effective Instructional Practices

LSU Online | 1 class
The workshop examines strategies faculty can use to actively engage learners and create instructor presence in building a meaningful learning environment. We will discuss the role of faculty in providing guidance in the form of regular, substantive interactions and feedback on assignments throughout the course. Participants will have opportunities to practice editing and performing instructional activities in Moodle (e.g., providing feedback, grading, and communicating with students).

Facilitating Learning Online (Fully Online Course: August 7 - September 3, 2023)

LSU Online | 1 class
Developed and facilitated by LSU Online & Continuing education, this course is designed for faculty who are new to teaching online or are interested in learning more about facilitating an online course. Participants will explore best practices in making connections with students, creating a community of learning, and delivering an engaging experience for their students. Many of the strategies covered in this course are also applicable to blended courses.

Geaux Gold Program

HR | 5 classes
The Office of Human Resource Management will be hosting the Geaux Gold Program. This event was designed to help new hires discover the golden gems of LSU: learn about the history, culture and traditions of our university, the perks of being an LSU employee, ways to get involved on campus, and the ins-and-outs of what it means to work at our university.

HR Analyst Monthly Meeting

HR | 7 classes
The class will cover the basic responsibilities and expectations of the Workday’s HR Analyst role, the role’s relationship to the Office of HRM, and introduce resources available to ensure success in completing relevant business processes. After attending this class, you will have learned about the Personnel Management Dashboard, the new Hire business process, and the best practices in maintaining reports and ensuring accuracy when completing HCM actions. This course is recommended.

Management Foundation Series - Managing Teams

HR | 2 classes
In this course learn team dynamics, leadership, culture, and the team formation process to help you build and lead effective teams. You will learn how to identify different styles of communication and preferences among the team to facilitate effective communication, and learn how to craft team dynamics that include empowerment, trust, and coaching. Finally, you will learn about the importance of a team mission, vision, and values to the overall success of a team.

Management Foundation Series: Managing Conflict

HR | 1 class
Research shows that the key skill of effective managers is the ability to skillfully address conflict. In this class, managers will learn about the 5 conflict management styles and learn how to use each one successfully in the workplace. Managers will also learn how to establish a work environment that reduces unproductive conflict in the workplace.

Management Foundation Series: Managing Performance

HR | 1 class
Learn how to identify and respond to a performance problem, identify ways to increase motivation and solve ability related performance issues, provide specific feedback, and address performance issues through the positive discipline process. This class involves an overview of how to diagnose, respond, address performance issues and includes role-playing and case study analysis to help managers practice these valuable skills.