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Financial Education Series – Budgeting: Turning Financial Fears to Wealthy Wins
Liesel Walker
Faculty, Staff


Date: 06/16/2022  12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Location: Zoom   Zoom 1

Course Description

The Office of Human Resource Management is partnering with Campus Federal Credit Union to offer a newly revised and redesigned Financial Education Series aimed at increasing financial literacy and developing better money habits. This 6-part series will be offered live virtually via Zoom from 12-1pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month starting in May. Take one class that interests you or take them all! Whether this is your first time learning about your money, wealth, and finance or if you use this series as a refresher, we highly encourage everyone at LSU to attend this series!


June 16: Budgeting: Turning Financial Fears to Wealthy Wins

Creating a personalized spending plan for your money can help ensure there is enough money to pay for food, bills, and other expenses. In this session, boost your financial confidence by learning how to prepare a budget, the benefits of budgeting and how to use budgeting tools to manage your finances.


Join the Zoom session:  https://lsu.zoom.us/j/8991743070