Class Information

Facilitating an Online Course: Effective Instructional Practices
Hala Esmail
Faculty, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Staff


Date: 06/21/2023  11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: Zoom   Zoom 1

Course Description

This workshop is a collaborative effort between LSU Online and the Faculty Technology Center. 

This workshop examines strategies faculty can use to actively engage learners and create instructor presence in building a meaningful learning environment. We will discuss characteristics of online learners and their needs, followed by ways students can engage with their instructor, peers, and content in online courses. Additionally, the presenter will provide an overview of key Moodle settings and features that will assist in performing instructional activities (e.g., providing feedback, grading, and communicating with students).? 

By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to: 

  1. Apply strategies to facilitate engagement in an online course 
  2. Navigate within a Moodle course and edit various activities and resources to ensure course setup is optimal for student engagement 
  3. Identify Moodle and technology support services and resources to use as assistance is needed  

Note: This is not a Moodle "how-to" workshop or a workshop on how to develop an online course. A recommended pre-requisite is to have a working knowledge of Moodle? For Moodle or technology-related questions, contact the FTC (ftc@lsu.edu; 578-3375, option 2).? 

Important: This workshop will run contingent on the enrollment of five or more registrants. If a quorum of 5 hasn’t been established by 2 days prior to the session, we will cancel the workshop and notify registrants. 

For faculty/staff outside of LSU A&M: To register, please use your @lsu.edu credentials (i.e., the credentials you use when you log into myLSU), not your campus email address.