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Applying Universal Design for Learning to Enhance the Student Experience

LSU Online | 1 class
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework designed to empower students from varied backgrounds to actively participate in their courses and apply their learning to the greatest extent possible. Application of the UDL principles involves thoughtful consideration and selection of course materials, teaching methods, and assessment strategies. Join us in this interactive workshop where we share strategies for using the principles of UDL in your course.

Benefits & Retirement Orientation

HR | 22 classes
As a new employee, you are encouraged to attend the Benefits and Retirement Orientation within two weeks of your start date. Check-in begins at 8:15 a.m. Orientation begins at 8:30 a.m. and concludes by 12:00 p.m. Orientation will provide you with information on LSU, employee benefits, retirement plans and parking permits. Employees eligible for benefits have 30 days from the date of hire (or date of eligibility) to complete enrollment documents and submit them to the Office of HRM

CASLA Student Learning Assessment Workshop #1: Foundation and Fundamentals/LSU Reporting

Institutional Effectiveness | 1 class
Hosted by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, CASLA Workshop #1 will include two sessions of a five session scaffolded series: Session 1) Foundation and Fundamentals and Session 2) LSU Reporting. Upon successful completion, participants will be able to: define assessment, describe the value of assessment, understand the assessment process at LSU, and write meaningful assessment plans, annual student learning assessment reports, and program impact reports. While completing each session in

CASLA Student Learning Assessment Workshop #2: Rubric Development

Institutional Effectiveness | 1 class
Hosted by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, CASLA Workshop #2 will include the third session of a five session scaffolded series: Rubric Development. Upon successful completion of this session, participants will be able to classify varying types of rubrics and construct a rubric that can be used for assessment. While completing each session in the intended order is encouraged and earns the participant the Certificate of Achievement in Student Learning Assessment those only interested in

CASLA Student Learning Assessment Workshop #3: Using Evidence to Improve Learning/Actionable Insights

Institutional Effectiveness | 1 class
Hosted by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, CASLA Workshop #3 will include two sessions of a five session scaffolded series: Session 4) Using Evidence to Improve Learning and Session 5) Actionable Insights. Upon successful completion, participants will discuss the appropriateness of evidence collected, how using multiple measures and integrating student learning data with institutional data can help tell your program’s story, discuss common barriers often found when collecting evidence

Design to Align: Achieving Course Alignment and Improving Student Outcomes

LSU Online | 2 classes
Alignment is the intentional connection between course outcomes, learning objectives, assessments, activities, and materials. Course alignment builds a strong cohesive framework; helps ensure that both you and your students have accurate expectations about what will be taught in your course; and that students are practicing and demonstrating the skills you want them to learn.

Facilitating an Online Course: Effective Instructional Practices

LSU Online | 2 classes
The workshop examines strategies faculty can use to actively engage learners and create instructor presence in building a meaningful learning environment. We will discuss the role of faculty in providing guidance in the form of regular, substantive interactions and feedback on assignments throughout the course. Participants will have opportunities to practice editing and performing instructional activities in Moodle (e.g., providing feedback, grading, and communicating with students).

Facilitating Learning Online (Fully Online Course: (July 29 - August 18, 2024)

LSU Online | 1 class
Developed and facilitated by LSU Online & Continuing Education, this course is designed for faculty who are new to teaching online or are interested in learning more about facilitating an online course. Participants will explore best practices in making connections with students, creating a community of learning, and delivering an engaging experience for their students. Many of the strategies covered in this course are also applicable to blended courses.

New to Planning & Self-Study??

Institutional Effectiveness | 3 classes
Hosted by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness this session is for new assessment leads and will include general information for navigating the reporting system. Audience: New assessment Leads responsible for student learning assessment reporting and/or integrative learning core (ILC) course assessment reporting. All sessions will be held via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent at least 48 hours before the session date.

Performance Management - Part 1 Evaluation Lab

HR | 2 classes
The Office of Human Resource Management (HRM) recently received updates regarding changes to the Civil Service Performance Evaluation System (PES). Participants will learn about the staff performance evaluation process, including the importance of performance evaluations, and a step-by-step demonstration of the Workday process. Managers are encouraged to attend, however the training is open to everyone. The 2023/2024 Annual Evaluations for all Classified employees will be available in Workday on