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Design to Align: Achieving Course Alignment and Improving Student Outcomes

LSU Online | 1 class
Alignment is the intentional connection between course outcomes, learning objectives, assessments, activities, and materials. Course alignment builds a strong cohesive framework; helps ensure that both you and your students have accurate expectations about what will be taught in your course; and that students are practicing and demonstrating the skills you want them to learn.

Designing and Teaching Accessible Courses (Fully Online Course) June 12 -July 7, 2023

LSU Online | 1 class
This fully online asynchronous course will introduce you to the core concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and the laws and standards of accessibility in higher education. We will explore the common barriers that students with disabilities may face in accessing course content, and how to use resources within Moodle to overcome those accessibility issues. This course aims to equip faculty with the basic guidelines and tools for making course content accessible and universal.

Facilitating an Online Course: Effective Instructional Practices

LSU Online | 1 class
The workshop examines strategies faculty can use to actively engage learners and create instructor presence in building a meaningful learning environment. We will discuss the role of faculty in providing guidance in the form of regular, substantive interactions and feedback on assignments throughout the course. Participants will have opportunities to practice editing and performing instructional activities in Moodle (e.g., providing feedback, grading, and communicating with students).

Facilitating Learning Online (Fully Online Course: August 7 - September 3, 2023)

LSU Online | 1 class
Developed and facilitated by LSU Online & Continuing education, this course is designed for faculty who are new to teaching online or are interested in learning more about facilitating an online course. Participants will explore best practices in making connections with students, creating a community of learning, and delivering an engaging experience for their students. Many of the strategies covered in this course are also applicable to blended courses.

Spotlight on Generative AI: An Introduction to AI for Course Development and Facilitation

LSU Online | 1 class
This workshop is designed to introduce the concept of generative AI, facilitate discussions about how it can be used effectively by faculty and students, help faculty navigate considerations and limitations regarding AI implementation, and recommend ways to design, revise, and adapt courses with AI. This workshop welcomes attendees regardless of pre-existing knowledge or experience using generative AI.